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There is an open postdoctoral researcher position in the group on high-temperature molten salt corrosion for energy applications. The project is quite innovative and ambitious and is a partnership between UW-Madison (lead institution), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) and the industrial AMETEK.

The idea is to capitalize on more than a decade of research work on molten salt corrosion and electrochemistry in the department, to innovate in the development of molten salt corrosion resistant materials for Concentrated Solar Power, Molten Salt Reactors and Thermal Storage. The concept of this 3 years project is to use recent advances in additive manufacturing to rapidly produce molten salt corrosion mini-cells and test 100s of different materials compositions at once. In-situ mini probes for electrochemistry will be developed to characterize corrosion in-situ in all these mini-cells. Ex-situ characterization techniques will be automated for high-throughput data generation (profilometry, XRD, hardness, etc…). Finally machine learning algorithms will be developed to “clean” the data, to find dependencies among the different parameters and finally to help predicting materials’ composition of interest. There is approximately 5 postdocs positions to cover all the areas.

Your work would fit into the molten salt/materials compatibility testing with development of the mini corrosion cells and of the mini probes for in-situ electrochemical characterization of the salt with the support of one PhD student. We, of course, expect a high level of interaction between all the components of this project and we expect that you will be involved in additive manufacturing, materials characterization and machine learning approaches.

In addition to the above project, your position would involve managing three molten salt laboratories focused on corrosion and electrochemistry studies.

For additional information, please contact Adrien Couet.

New open positions to join the group will be available soon.

If you are interested, please contact Adrien Couet.